Carduelini New Sistematics: Crimson-winged Finch (Rhodopechys sanguineus) is Included in “Arid-Zone” Carduelini Finches by Mitochondrial DNA Phylogeny

A. Arnaiz-Villena*, V. Ruiz-del-Valle, P. Gomez-Prieto, D. Rey, M. Enriquez-de-Salamanca, J. Marco, E. Muñiz, M. Martín-Villa, C. Areces
Department Immunology, University Complutense, The Madrid Regional Blood Center, Madrid, Spain

© 2014 Arnaiz-Villena

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Rhodopechys sangineus phylogeny together with a group of Carduelini finches has been analyzed. Mitochondrial cyt b molecule has been used for species comparison and maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods have been employed in order to obtain a solid phylogeny. Compared Carduelini finches groups include: Greenfinches, “Arid-Zone” finches and Genera Rhodopechys and Pyrrhula species. Our results lead to conclude: 1) Genus Rhodopechys included species should need a new taxonomic classification; 2) Genus Pyrrhula shares a common ancestor with “Arid-Zone” finches group; the latter is phylogenetically a separate clade, including species from Carpodacus, Rhodopechys and Leucosticte Genera, and 3) Pinicola enucleator belongs to Genus Pyrrhula and seems to be ancestral. Results show that a sistematics revision of Carduelini tribe bird species is required.

Keywords: “Arid-Zone” finches, Carduelini, Carpodacus, Greenfinches, Pinicola, Pyrrhula, Rhodopechys.